Fall in Toogood Pond

Toogood Pond in Unionville, Ontario, is spectacular in fall, a photographer’s dream, when the brilliant hues of the fall foliage reach a crescendo in early October before everything changes to the monotone palate of winter a mere month later.

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Christmas and Holiday Mini-Sessions

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Twin Trees

I’ve witnessed many beautiful sunrises from this location. From the low vantage point, the hill on which the trees are located hides the urban sprawl behind it and lets you forget, if only for a moment, the habitat fragmentation that lies so close which threatens the very livelihood of a field such as this.

Lady Girl in Red

When my favourite little model got a red dress from a jolly, old, portly fellow in a red suit, I decided this would be perfect for a photo shoot. The bright red dress would add a splash of colour to the otherwise dreary palate of the dead of a snow-less winter.

Newborn Tristan

Most newborns are most comfortable when swaddled tightly, understandable, since that’s the way they’ve spent their first nine months. For Tristan, his most comfortable spot was tightly held in his parent’s arms…and his parents couldn’t be happier.

The McKnight Family Farm

Farmland has so much to offer. It is there that the food we eat is raised and grown. But I saw this farm as more than that, I saw it as a background painted with a glorious palette of varying shades green, red, and brown, mixed together so masterfully—I saw it as the perfect setting for a photo shoot.