I See You…Chris Stebbins

Chris is laid back, fun, but also down to earth…just an all around good guy..the kind of guy you want to hang out with for a good time. He is not self absorbed, he’s got a big heart and he cares about other people. He’s creative and dedicated. And while he has other interests, his passion has always been music.

My Little Supermodel

I do not condone the world of supermodels. It’s a fast, glamorous life, but it is not what I want for my daughter. However, when I am always with camera in hand, she can’t help but learn to work it for the camera and I can’t help but teach her how. Here are some highlights from the past year…the year of my little three year old supermodel.

Newborn Alyssa

At SVphotography, we specialize in developing photographic memories, for there’s no better way to remember than with the solid tangibility of pictures. And for Mark and Eileen, we were only too happy to help.

Toronto Nightscape—Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For some reason, when you live in a city, you take for granted the very things to which tourists flock. So when I was on Toronto’s Centre Island to play volleyball, I decided to take along my camera gear and stay into the evening hours to do something that I have wanted to do for some time, but haven’t because, well, I live here—take pictures of the beautiful cityscape of Toronto at night.

Newborn Liam

Liam was a natural in the studio, he would stir occasionally when placed in a new position, but he settled quickly. Then again, I guess after spending the first two weeks of life in neonatal intensive care, an afternoon lounging on different furs and blankets all the while being prodded, poked, and posed is a walk in the park.

Design Above All—Toronto Architecture

I have always loved Nikon, ever since I was old enough to notice my father using one to take pictures. And I love Porsche, ever since I first laid eyes on the blur of a ‘whale tail’ 911 Turbo as it roared past me on the autobahn when I was eight. I’ve been able to afford the former, the latter will be forever out of my reach, well almost. When Nikon and Porsche joined together for a photo contest, looking for rooftop design and architecture, it was a contest to good to pass up.