A Grad and his Guitar

Laclin just graduated from high school so what better way to document this milestone with some senior portraits in studio. He was very excited to move on to the next chapter in his life-studying civil engineering. Wow! And although he was excited about leaving highschool behind and moving on with his life, he didn’t exactly have the same feelings for taking some pictures.
You see, Laclin isn’t really the picture taking type so he wasn’t too keen on getting his picture taken. He’s also a jeans and t-shirt type guy so putting on a suit for some portraits would be completely unbearable. His sister-in-law suggested that he would be most comfortable wearing his regular attire and playing his guitar, which he’s been doing for most of his high school years anyway. So that’s what we did.
We started off in the portrait studio, using white background and also some black background for some low-light pictures that look great with the guitar, and ended up outside for some pictures.
So for over an hour Laclin braved the thistles, weeds, mosquitoes, but most of all the camera and my incessant instructions. What a trooper! That kind of dogged determination has got him where he his today and will stand him in good stead in the future.
Thanks Laclin and best of luck with your continued studies!

senior portrait

teen with his guitar portrait

teen playing guitar s teen and his guitar
close-up of hand playing guitar s close-up of hands playing guitar
graduating teen picture s portrait of teen and guitar

teen and guitar on railway tracks

black and white of teen and guitar s teen playing guitar on bench

teen walking with guitar

grad picture of teen and guitar

portait of portrait of teen playing guitar

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