The Trees in the Sand

Have you ever laid on the grass on a nice summer day and looked for different shapes, faces, and animals in the clouds? I think most have at one point or another done exactly that. This is a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia—a type of illusion involving a vague or obscure stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct. In layman’s terms, seeing distinct, recognizable shapes in everyday objects.

The Rorschach test, commonly known as the inkblot test, uses this same premise as a means for psychologists to gain insight into the personality characteristics, emotional functioning, and mental state of their patients.

But more than anything else, lying back in the grass and seeing these shapes in the clouds is really about being creative, letting your imagination make sense of these random patterns in the clouds and recognize them as something familiar.

  • wolf in tree

    My three year old daughter was excited to see the white wolf in this tree. Though I found it interesting that she saw a wolf over something more familiar like a dog, I really didn’t see it as a reflection of a spiritual presence nor a reflection of how she viewed others or society as a whole.

  • face in clouds

    My brother-in-law went on and on about this attractive woman in the clouds. An insight to his personality characteristics, emotional functioning, and mental state or a reflection on the amount of alcohol he had consumed in the blazing Caribbean sun?

Recently, I found these distinct objects not by looking up but by looking down at the sand while walking back along a beach after taking pictures of the sunrise.

The tide was just receding so the sand was still wet and the low sun was accenting these beautiful patterns in the sand. The way the lines converged with each other gave the distinct impression of trees. Nature’s temporary fossil creations, soon to be dried out and trampled on by revelers on the beach.

Here’s a couple of images of the abstract art found in nature from that day on the beach. And if you see anything other than trees, it is definitely worth some analysis.

Can see the forest for the sand

Can See the Forest for the Sand

nature as abstract

Fossilized Creation in the Sand

abstract nature-trees in sand

  • tree in sand growing by rock

    The Tree on the Mountain

  • trees on mountain

    Another Tree on the Mountain

trees in the sand

The Trees in the Sand

moonlit trees in sand

The Moon High Overhead shines on the Trees

trees in sand with waterfall

Trees and Waterfall

trees in sand with waterfall coloured

Still can’t see the waterfall? Maybe this coloured version will help.


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