During a recent visit to my brother and family in Fort Collins, Colorado, we took a short drive to the mountains of Estes Park and Rocky National Park for some nature sight-seeing. Colorado is a beautiful state…and I begin to understand why he has not returned to Canada, perhaps it wasn’t me. In Colorado, you never have far to go to be surrounded by nature. And with breath taking views from mountain tops…it doesn’t get much better than that. Awesome!

oldman of the mountain alpine sunflower

It is obvious why this Alpine Sunflower is dubbed “Oldman of the Mountain” (Hymenoxys Grandiflora)


The use of a macro lens picks up the tiny hairs on the stem of this Storksbill (Erodium Cicutarium) early in the morning in Estes Park, Colorado

young cone

A close-up of a new, pink cone of the Subalpine Larch (Larix Lyalli) at Lily Lake, Colorado

tree in rock

Trees grow wherever they can find the tiniest hold, like this one in Estes Park, Colorado

aspen grove

The beautiful distinct bark of an aspen grove near Lily Lake, Colorado


This squirrel was looking for left over remnants of food high up on the mountain at Lily Lake


Elk is a common sighting in Rocky Mountain National Park

elk in rocky mountain national park

An elk grazes in the grass with the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park looming behind

estes park colorado

The view of Estes Park from the mountain at Lily Lake

snow on mountains in colorado

Despite it being the middle of the summer, the snow still has it’s hold at these altitudes

glacier remnants

A rock field at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

spectacular sky

A spectacular sky above the mountains of the Colorado Rockies

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