Dead Tree Walking (The Green Mile)

Always on the Lookout

Photographers are always looking for new locations to shoot. So when driving around near my home, I always keep one eye on the road and my other on the landscape. Sunrise and sunset are great for having some dramatic skies and interesting lighting, but every composition needs a strong subject set it apart from random everyday snap shots. So when I drove by this vacant field near my house with a dead tree in the middle of it, I knew I had found something special.

The Weathered Tree and the Lush Green Field

The juxtaposition of the dark, leafless tree and the lush, thriving green vegetation surrounding it was what drew me to this spot.

“The Weathered Tree and the Lush Green Field” Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

Because this location was close to home, I went to this spot on two occasions. It is amazing how different cloud coverage can completely change the picture.

Sights Unseen

These pictures were taken right after the summer solstice when the rising sun was as far North as it would ever be. This way, I could carefully keep the road and hydro poles (which is on the right of the picture) out of the shot, for the most part.

What isn’t seen in this picture is the new housing development being build directly behind where I stood to capture this shot. It won’t be long before this stretch will bulldozed over and more houses will be built. The lifeless tree almost severs as a warning to other plants of the fate that will is sure to bestow all vegetation that settles in this place.

Dead Tree Walking (The Green Mile)

But for now, it’s a beautiful spot to witness vegetation at both the beginning and end of life, and bask in the glow and the peacefulness that comes with welcoming the goodness of a new day.

“Dead Tree Walking (The Green Mile)” Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

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