Fall in Toogood Pond

Toogood Pond in Unionville, Ontario, is probably one of the most popular parks in Markham based sheerly on usage. It’s proximity to the shops and restaurants of historic Uionville makes it the ideal location for a mid day stroll after lunch a patio. But Toogood Pond is perhaps the most spectacular in fall, when the brilliant hues of the fall foliage reach a crescendo in Early October before everything changes to the monotone palate of winter a mere month later.

A 1.2 kilometre walking path wraps around the pond. On the west side of the pond there are a group of maple trees which are red in colour this time of year.


With all the people that frequent this path, I had to wait a long time to get an unobstructed view of this beautiful portion of the path and its colourful canopy of leaves.


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Another good spot for photos is directly under the Park Store on the East side of the Pond. From this vantage point, the sun sets directly behind the trees on the opposite end of the pond. The rocks in the foreground add some interest and anchors the image.


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If you’re looking for a good spot for taking some landscape pictures in the heart of Markham, Toogood Pond will not disappoint.

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