Graeme Newborn

Hamsters do it. Rabbits do it too. Even cats and dogs partake. Nesting…the urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for new offspring. Usually manifested in gathering straw or grass to create a nest in the lowest sheltered area available. Since having shelter is key to offspring survival, the instinct of nesting is triggered by hormonal signals that have evolved over time.

Humans, usually the mother-to-be, have the same nesting instinct too, though to varying degrees and some not at all. In humans, it is commonly characterized by a strong urge to arrange, clean, and reorganize one’s home. Some might not have this urge at all, but I think it’s safe to say every new parent-to-be relishes the task of getting a nursery all ready for the impending babe, for that is when what was once intangible becomes tangible.

Dads are involved in the nesting process too, though there is lack of sufficient scientific evidence to indicate whether this instinct is hormonally based or just being told what to do by their full fledged nesting better half.

We notice that there are three distinct groups of parents that contact us for newborn portraits. There are those that contact us weeks after birth, noticing the changes happening so quickly in their baby, right before their eyes, and they want pictures to help them remember how tiny and delicate their babe used to be. Others contact us soon after birth, realizing that they want to document the life-changing occasion with some pictures. And then there are those who are in full nesting mode, knowing they will want the portraits and feeling the need to cross that off their to-do list long before the actual birth.

So when Ryan and Cara felt the sudden urge to contact us well in advance to set an appointment, we knew we were dealing with parents-to-be in full nesting mode, and we couldn’t be happier to do our part to help out.

Typically, newborn portraits are best taken in the first 7-10 days, when the newborn is still sleepiest and easily posed in different positions. So we tentatively booked something for about a week after Cara’s due date.

Ryan and Cara’s newborn baby boy, sweet little Graeme, was a week old when he graced the confines of our Markham home-based studio.

Despite Graeme being well within the preferred time to take the pictures, he was a touch ornery, so we took lots of pictures of him being settled in his proud and patient parents’ arms. Ryan and Cara intentionally wore dark colours so we could set up the black background to really isolate Graeme in the clutches of his loving parents. When converted to black and white, these pictures always look really beautiful by highlighting and giving some perspective to the size and delicate features of the newborn.

newborn baby in mothers arms

portrait of newborn in mothers arms

newborn and dad smiling s father and newborn all scrunched up

Portrait of newborn in fathers arms

newborn in dads arm with legs dangling

proud parents of newborn

Towards the end of the session, we took some of him in a wash basin and a basket.

newborn in wash basin

newborn baby in basket with fur

Congratulations Cara and Ryan on your beautiful contribution to the world and may all of your nesting efforts pay dividends in the future!

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