Hamilton 40th Anniversary

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a lovely couple who have been married for 40 years!

When they first contacted me about doing pictures, they wanted to do the pictures on location, in historic Unionville and around Too Good Pond. So the week before, I went on a little reconnaissance mission to Unionville and took pictures of about forty different locations so they could choose the ones that they liked the best in an effort to save some time on the actual shoot date.

So when we met in Unionville on the shoot day, we were all ready to go with some spots where they wanted to take the family portraits. We spent about two hours in three spots around Too Good Pond and a couple of spots on Main Street Unionville. We got some great pictures of the entire family and some of just their children and/or grandchildren. And if it looks like the entire family was glowing, they were…it was an extremely hot and humid day in July (though I’m sure a big reason for the glow was the joyous occasion).

I have to say, this was the most multi-cultural family I have ever been fortunate enough to photograph. There was a little Jamaica, dash of Italian, a hint of Chinese, and a whole lot of Canadian. Awesome!

Happy 40th may you have many more blissful years together!






beautiful-family-portrait-unionville mother-daughter-portrait



family-portrait-on-stairs family-portrait-on-staris-unionville






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