Harold Point, Killbear Provincial Park

The Point of Harold

Killbear Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful provincial parks in Ontario, Canada. And in the centre of that park lies Harold Point. A name so ordinary you might think, “Why bother?” But you do, and you’ll be glad that you did. Because Harold should be bothered, and that is the point. Activities galore on Harold Point: full-out swimming, sun basking, rock skipping, rock hopping, cliff jumping, people gathering, chit-chattering, sunset watching…well you get the idea.

“Stom’s Brew”
A view of Harold Point from a distance. Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

The Sands of Time

The rocks of Harold Point have been smoothed with the passage of time, making interesting views above and below the surface.

  • The pine on the rock have chiselled their way into the rock to create a strong foot hold from which to grow.

  • Rocks under the water have some pretty cool patterns and being wet make them super saturated. I love how the water is just kissing the rock on the top of the picture. Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

  • Much of the rock here is Pink Leucogneiss.

  • I’m really lichen the pattern on this rock. Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

The One Pine that gets me Everytime

There’s one particular windswept pine that you might recognize as a focal point of mine for many years. Here it is in all it’s glory at sunset once again.

“Pine at Sunset”
A windswept pine on Harold Point, Killbear PP. Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

And that’s just the tip of the point of Harold. If you go there you’ll get the rest.

Till next time…

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