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When Chris was looking for some new portraits to use on social media for his music pages, I was only too happy to help out. It’s not everyday that a musician walks into our studio looking for some portraits. Since he wanted to use the pictures as album artwork, we decided to leave lots of “copy space” which he could use to write artist and song information.

Chris started making music when he was barely a teenager. He and a friend would write and record rap songs at different recording studios in Kingston and Ottawa and they performed at different venues in Kingston.

When he was in his early twenties he go his first taste of electronic music at a party at the Guvernment in Toronto. This music had a profound impact on him and his music tastes completely changed. He found himself pulled away from rap and pulled toward House Music. In Chris’ words, “The music, people and the culture had a much more positive vibe to it.”

Soon after he purchased turntables and began DJing the same music that he had come to love. Unfulfilled with just churning out the beats of others, he got into producing his own music to play when he was DJing. He started out with making remixes of samples he would cut, adding in drum loops and other effects.

As his skills evolved so did his desire to do more. It wasn’t long before he started writing his own original music. He’s currently working with Jasmine Chloe, a singer from Sweden, who does the vocals for some of his latest songs.

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I’ve know Chris for a while. He is laid back, fun, but also down to earth. Just an all around good guy..the kind of guy you want to hang out with for a good time. He is not self absorbed, he’s got a big heart and he cares about other people. He’s creative and dedicated. And while he has other interests, his passion has always been music.

Give his latest song “I See You” a listen and maybe you will see house music and Chris in a different light.

Want to see and hear more of Chris? You can follow him on Facebook and here more of his work on Soundcloud.

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