Ice, Ice, Baby

Middle of April and freezing rain was in the weather forecast.  And for once it actually turned out to be true.  School buses were cancelled.  The sidewalks, roads, cars, trees,  and anything else was were bathed in a glistening coat of ice.  What a sparkling treat.  So the moment I returned home from walking the dog I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures of the beauty.  I didn’t venture out too far beyond the front yard because it was raining quite hard and a water/ice combination is not the best for a camera.  Because it was raining, the lighting was not the greatest, so I really had to ramp up the ISO to get adequate lighting with out motion of the branches (did i mention that it was very windy too).  Anyway, I did get a couple of cool shots of the ice on the branches of the crab apple tree on our front yard.




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