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If you’ve ever been on Main Street, Markham, you would have seen Jacki Bowyer’s fingerprints all over the place. And before you go all CSI on me, I’m not talking about a crime scene, for Jacki is as honest and true as a type font. I’m talking about the banners that adorn the light posts along the street, the lettering on a store, and promotional material for Main Street Markham. Jacki Bowyer is the graphic designer for the Markham BIA (Business Improvement Area). Living in the area makes helping out small businesses and her work on Main Street a passion. Says Jacki, “I have tried to elevate their presence by keeping everything clean and consistent.”Since she started Jacki Bowyer Graphic Design in 2006, she’s built a successful business with a long list of clients that keeps growing mainly through word of mouth. But her work isn’t limited to Main Street Markham. Her designs can be found at Toronto’s Centre Island, at the Centreville Amusement Park, all the way to Waterloo. Brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, branding, advertising, packaging, web design…you name it, she does it. “I find people get overwhelmed,” Jacki explains, “and need sort of a one stop shop for their business and I help them out.”

I met Jacki a little over a year ago but know her on a personal level. And though I’ve seen and admired her work, I thought I should speak to a client of hers to find out what about her work is so appealing.

Enter Vic Hartman of Hartman Eight Five Main, a high end men’s clothing store on Main Street Markham, with whom she’s worked since 2007. “Her mind is going all the time, she is just so creative,” says Vic. “And nothing seems to fray her…she is so focused on the work and the work she does is phenomenal. She’s the best graphic designer I’ve ever worked with.”

Vic’s choice of words are also telling. He does not describe Jacki as the best that has ever worked for him, but as the best he’s ever “worked with”. Yes, Jacki does the work, but there is input at all levels of the process, which makes her work a partnership between her and the client.

While the work she does speaks for itself, in business it’s not just the end product, but also the person behind the product and that’s where Jacki has another edge. “I really care about making clients look good,” says Jacki, “not just being paid, and I think they like that.” Jacki listens to what her clients want and also gets to know who they are on a personal level. “If I understand who they are I can come up with a design that reflects their individuality.” Always professional with a good sense of humour, she’s a perfectionist yet personable and energetic. With Jacki, what you see is what you get. As Vic Hartman says, “She’s got the whole package.”

So when Jacki needed some professional portraits for a refresh of her website, we wanted to make sure we captured some of her personality in the pictures. Make no mistake, Jacki came with a vision, it was up to us to make sure that her vision became a reality in the pictures. As a portrait photographer, we also want to make sure our clients look good. Though Jacki warned me prior to the shoot that she is not photogenic, we respectfully disagree. You be the judge.

s jacki bowyer graphicjacki bowyer graphics

jacki bowyer graphic designer

portrait of jacki bowyer graphic designer

So if you’re in Markham, the Greater Toronto Area or beyond and looking for an outstanding, talented graphic designer, be sure to check out Jacki Bowyer Graphic Design, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. That pictures just isn’t an unmediated representation of truth; it might only seem to become when the photograph aligns with our own view or once we “forget” that it really is mediated (the way in which we suspend disbelief in the theater). No matter how “un-Photoshopped” a photograph is, it’s been mediated – from the photographer selections of digital camera, movie (if applying movie), lens length (these very first three together add towards the sharpness and distinction of a photograph, among a number of other items), colour or white and black, focal stage, depth of area, speed, framing (what, that is definitely, is in the frame and what isn composition, and much more. All photographs are a result of selections produced prior to the photograph is designed…

    1. Post

      All good points Phillip, thanks for commenting! I agree there is a lot that goes into every single photograph, more than people realize, that’s for sure.

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