Lady Girl in Red

All little girls love dresses. Well, actually I should say most, because I know of one person who never liked dresses even when she was little…but I still married her. So for the most part, little girls and dresses go hand in hand.

When, KC, my favourite little model got a red dress from a jolly, old, portly fellow in a red suit, I decided this would be perfect for a photo shoot…thanks Santa! The bright red dress would add a splash of colour to the otherwise dreary palate of the dead of a (as of yet) snow-less winter.

When I suggested my idea to her, she said, “Oh, I’d love that.” I did tell her, though it was not below freezing, it would be slightly cold, so she would need to brave the elements. She was game.

The first location we went to was a hiking trail in Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area, Loyalist Township, Ontario. This lush wetland is home to giant pine trees. I had scouted the location earlier with my dog and found one tree in particular that I wanted to feature in the shoot. It was a giant, towering pine tree, with a jaw dropping diameter of about 4 feet. I wanted to have the jagged grooves of this ancient (relative to the model) tree juxtaposed with the the beauty, soft, delicate features of youth.

Once we were on location, to mitigate the effects of the cold temperature we had KC keep her snow pants and jacket on while we composed the shot.

red dress preshoot

We would then remove the jacket for the three quarter shots, snap a few pictures and then quickly put the jacket back on. And for the full length ones, we’d repeat the process and also take off her snow pants and boots. Here are some of the best shots we got.

red dress children portrait

children portrait photographer

children portrait photographer markham

child photographer

child portrait photographer

child portrait photographer markham

I also wanted some pictures of her in a field of dormant grass, browned by the cool temperatures of the season. The red dress, in the same colour family would look brilliant. So after we were done with Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area, we drove around for a bit until we found the next perfect location–a vacant field near the former Celanese Polyester Plant in Loyalist Township.

The field was wet in some spots, so KC had to carefully check where to place her flats so her feet would stay dry

red dress looking for a perch

She successfully found a perch on a small mound of grass and we snapped away.

children photographer stouffville

children photographerchild photographer stouffville s children portrait photographer stouffvillechild portrait photographer stouffville

portrait photographer markham

KC is my favourite model for a couple of reasons. She’s been modelling for me for a while, so she’s pretty comfortable in front of the camera. She also takes direction very well and even thinks of her own poses to throw in every once and a while. But I was a little worried how she would fare in these temperatures wearing only a dress. Yes she is professional, but she is only four years old.

But she was a trooper, never uttering a single word in complaint, more excited to see the final product than the discomfort of the chill she might have been feeling at the time. She did get some rewards though. But it wasn’t food. It wasn’t a new toy being dangled like a carrot. And it wasn’t the promise of some lavish outing after wrap. No, it was simply being allowed to make some silly faces. Done and done.

red dress out take 1red dress out take 4 s red dress out take 3red dress out take 7 s red dress out take 5red dress out take 6

I can’t wait what the big man clad in red has in store for her next year.

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  1. Your scouting for a location paid off. They are all great, but I especially like the first one sans snow pants and the last one with open mouth. Great job – to you and Santa.

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  2. The little lady in red with porcelain skin looks exquisite juxtaposed with the roughness of the bark. You have captured some tender moments with a great backdrop to illustrate the passage of time and its effect on nature in the tree scenes. In the subsequent shots KC is outstanding in her field. I enjoy seeing her sense of humour in the last sequence of pictures. Overall, my favourites are #14, 3 and 4.

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  3. Super cute. You’ve got a very accomodating model there. Most of the people I know that age (including my own children) would never do what she did. Great pics too!

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