Laura is a brunette beauty from Florida in town visiting family.  I took the portrait pictures of this gorgeous teen in the photo studio.  I decided to use a new dark grey paper background to give the session a dark but high fashion feel to it. I used a single 36″ octagonal soft box to light her face located above camera to the right. Using a softbox gives a very soft light, smoothing her face and having it at that location allowed for some deep shadows under her chin which go with the mood of the shoot as is evident with the head and shoulder portraits. As you can see she has some cute dimples that show up adorably when she smiles, however, I think her strength is when she doesn’t smile.  Although, upon review of the pictures, Laura thought she looked angry in the pictures, I think, to steal a word from Tyra Banks, that she looks fierce.   Enjoy!

family-portraits-markham markham-family-photographer gorgeous-portraits laura-beautiful-teen-pictures laura-teen-portrait-markham _SV18646-copy Laura-studio-portraits

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