Lisa and Ian

Here are some pictures of a handsome boy by the name of Ian and his very proud mother, Lisa.  They came into the portrait studio in Markham looking for some pictures to send to friends and family for Christmas.  Even though this is Ian’s first Christmas, Lisa did not want to get into Christmas props, instead wanting something clean but that also didn’t “date” the picture too much. Besides, of all the Christmas photo props, you can’t really compete with Santa who seems to make it to every shopping mall for Christmas pictures.

So we decided to go with a clean white background paper and went from there.  We added an old wooden chair as a prop at one point.  Little Ian loved using that as an aid to stand.

And then the final prop we did use, was Ian’s cousin.  Ian even had a wardrobe change (such a super model).  However, those pictures were a little beyond Ian’s “window of opportunity”…you know the time when he is best photographed. He started getting a little tired and just needed a nap. His tuxedo outfit, his cousin’s dress, and Ian’s mood, give the overall feel of an old married couple (minus the blood relation, of course).

Enjoy the pictures.  Can’t wait to see Ian again and see how much he’s grown!

cute-baby-portrait-studio-markham ian-smiling
baby-with-chair-prop child-school-chair-in-studio
child-portrait-markham-studio mother-and-child-photo-session
kiss-from-mom-for-baby Peacock_Children_035-Edit child-hamming-it-up-for-portrait-session
lisa-and-son-lying-on-white-floor tender-moment-between-mother-and-child
good-eye-contact pointing-baby
old-married-couple old-married-couple-in-studio

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