Newborn Alyssa

When Mark and Eileen were expecting their first, they initially decided against getting professional newborn pictures taken. That was until about a week after Alyssa, their new bundle of joy, arrived and they began to notice how quickly she was changing. They wanted to remember exactly how she was when she was first born, so they quickly booked a session and were in our studio a couple of days later.

At this point, Eileen was 15 days old, well past the ideal age for taking newborn portraits. Despite this, we were hopeful that she would fare well since she usually sleeps during the day. It took some time to get the shots what with regular stops for nursing, bottle feeding, finger sucking, and other soothing. And all that worked, albeit for brief stretches, but enough time to grab a few shots and ove on to a new pose.

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When all was said and done, we were able to capture some great shots of Eileen, showing how beautiful, delicate, and precious she was. And despite all the changes that Mark and Eileen will witness first hand, I’m sure those qualities will never wane.

At SVphotography, we specialize in developing photographic memories, for there’s no better way to remember than with the solid tangibility of pictures. And for Mark and Eileen, we were only too happy to help.

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