Newborn Ava

Angela contacted me early in her third trimester asking when the ideal time would be to take newborn pictures. I told her with my experience as a newborn baby photographer, the best time to take newborn portraits is before they are ten days old, while they are sleepiest. While Angela had every intention of bringing her new babe into the studio within that time frame, when the baby finally arrived, reality hit and she found it difficult to get anything done, let alone leave the house.

So it was a couple weeks later that she and her husband Giac, strolled into the portrait studio in Markham with six week old Ava in tow for some newborn baby pictures.

We started the session off by taking some pictures of the proud new parents and their precious new babe.

mom and dad with newborn baby

Soon after, Ava fell asleep. This afforded us with the opportunity of getting some beautiful pictures of Ava sleeping. The plaid dress she was wearing had a little red flower attached to it. The way she was posed, it almost looks like she’s holding a bouquet.

newborn holding a bouquet

After, we used lots of different baskets and blankets upon which she was posed. Most of the time she was awake, with a few short naps splattered in when she was really comfortable.

newborn baby intense

newborn baby asleep

newborn in basket

newborn baby in basket

newborn baby in bed

When we were wrapping up, Giac remembered that he really wanted a black and white picture of Ava in his arms. Angela wanted to be part of the picture as well, so she placed her hand in the frame. This ended up being one of the most beautiful pictures of the shoot…one that shows the delicate size of Ava and one that shows the love and support (quite literally) that Ava is lucky enough to be born receiving.

beautiful bw portrait of newborn baby in mommy and daddy's arms

Another great newborn baby photo session. A beautiful baby to be remembered exactly the way she was at six weeks old.


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