Newborn Ella

Gisella and Manny brought their beautiful, precious Ella to the SVphotography studio in Markham for some (almost) newborn pictures. Even though she was already a month old, Ella was still so tiny and delicate. Most first time parents are very trepidatious when having their precious newborn posed. But not these two, they handled her like seasoned pros.

proud parents of newborn baby

proud parents give their baby a kiss again

As you can see in the pictures above, we started with a pure black background since Manny and Gisella were wearing black. I love the way the pictures look in black and white with this type of set up, so a lot of these pictures went that way.

newborn baby looking into fathers eyes

proud parents give their baby a kiss
Even a warm stream of urine cascading down the arm couldn’t take the sparkle out of Mom’s eye. I guess after carrying the baby for nine months and going through the birthing process, a little urine doesn’t really seem like all that big of a deal.

the sparkly in moms eye with newborn s ever so proud father of newborn baby

Ella was a natural in front of the camera. She was alert, checking out her surroundings, even lifting her head at times. And she never really fussed either, though a couple times she made it clear she wanted a drink.

limbs a dangling newborn baby portrait photography

Towards the end of the session, Ella became sleepy and we got some good pictures of her resting ever so peacefully.

newborn portrait of baby with pink hat

markham newborn baby photographer

newborn on blue blanket

newborn baby girl with pink hat

newborn baby in planter

It was a wonderful experience taking pictures of sweet Ella. She is so lucky to have two such doting and loving parents in her life. May that excitement, love, and sparkle in the eye never wane no matter what the future brings!


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  1. Beautiful poses and use of white and black. Ella looks so sweet when she’s asleep. Kind of makes me want to have another grandbaby…

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comments Patricia. And looking for another grandbaby, not sure I can help with that, but I’ll definitely take the pictures 🙂

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