Newborn Liam

babys limbs dangling from arms

Typically, newborn pictures are best taken within the first ten days, when babies are sleepiest. So when the proud new parents, Darryl and Erin, booked a portrait session for Liam, their seven week old baby, I was expecting more than a few tears and warned the parents not to have high hopes for pictures of their baby sleeping.

When Liam was escorted into the studio I was more than a little surprised to see this tiny baby boy, about the size of a typical newborn. What I didn’t know, but quickly discovered, was Liam was born six weeks premature with a birth weight of a feather over four pounds. So Liam’s adjusted age was one week old, a perfect age for newborn pictures.

Liam was a natural, he would stir occasionally when placed in a new position, but a soother did wonders to settle him back down. Then again, I guess after spending the first two weeks of life in neonatal intensive care, an afternoon lounging on different furs and blankets all the while being prodded, poked, and posed was a walk in the park. We placed him in a treasure chest, a basket and curled up on a cozy blanket. What a precious little angel, with his soft skin and tiny features, he was a real pleasure to shoot.

sleeping newborn baby markham

adorable newborn baby picture

newborn baby portrait in treasure chest

newborn baby in treasure chest

portrait of newborn baby boy

newborn baby boy portrait

A newborn photo session wouldn’t be complete without some parent participation.

parents and newborn in studio s proud parents give kiss to newborn

Darryl and Erin also wanted to use some of the pictures from the shoot to create a custom made birth notice to use as a thank you card for shower presents from family and friends. They ultimately chose four pictures and the text they wanted included and we took it from there.

custom newborn baby announcement thankyou card

Liam has taken all the curve balls thrown at him in stride. You never know what other challenges he might encounter, but with his track record to date and his doting parents there for support, I think it’s safe to say he’ll do just fine.


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