Newborn Tessa

Little Tessa, what a sweetheart. She was born just slightly premature, and as Michelle, her mother explained, “She came too early and out too quickly so she had fluid in her lungs.” Home only briefly, then an eight day stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit. One day home and then off to our portrait studio in Markham, Ontario to get some much needed newborn pictures and family portraits. You could say that Tessa’s first days on this earth were a whirlwind of activity.

Every time I see a newborn, I am always struck by how little and delicate they are. We forget so quickly how little our own children used to be. Tessa was no different. So tiny and so beautiful. Her little head fit perfectly in her proud father James’s hand. Her big sister was pretty proud too. Even taking some time out of her busy two year old schedule to watch her little sister from the comfort of a rocking chair. All she needed was a knitting needle and some spectacles and she’d be all set. And then there was James. Trying desperately to console Tessa so we could get some sleeping pictures. The thanks he got…oh, just a little urine for his efforts. At least we know she was relaxed. Ah yes, never a dull moment in the portrait studio.

But, I have to say, this is one beautiful family. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself.











proud-father-with-newborn-baby proud-mother-holding-baby
smiling-mother-smiling-baby father-baby-portait


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