Newborn Tristan

Tristan came to the Markham studio for some newborn baby portraits. The thirteen day old baby boy brought along his parents too.

Though sweet little Tristan found it difficult to settle in the environs of the photo studio, we persevered and still got quite a few pictures of him lying peacefully on several different blankets and faux furs.

newborn baby pictures on fur in markham studio

Most of the pictures from the session featured here are dedicated to Tristan being where he was most comfortable…in the arms of his parents. Whenever a newborn comes to the studio, I am always amazed by how small and delicate they are. I quickly forget their tiny, delicate features because they grow so quickly. So while pictures of newborns on their own are beautiful, I always dedicate time to taking pictures of the parents with the newborn, for the simple reason that it gives more of a reference point to the size of the newborn in relation to his parents

After the photo session and the clients have selected the pictures they want edited, we usually provide is several different edits, be it crops or different colouring, for those images. A popular medium for baby pictures is black and white. And the way Tristan’s parents were dressed and the black back drop we used, the pictures were perfectly suited for black and white. And while both the colour and black and white versions are given to the client, I feature only the black and white pictures here.

newborn with parents markham

newborn baby portrait in studio s newborn baby in

newborn baby holding daddy hand

newborn in daddy arms

Most newborns are most comfortable when swaddled tightly, understandable, since that’s the way they’ve spent their first nine months. For Tristan, his most comfortable spot was tightly held in his parent’s arms…and his parents couldn’t be happier.

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