Canada 150

With Canada celebrating its 150th birthday, I thought I should do something special. And it got me thinking, if I could pick one thing that represents Canada and being Canadian, what would that be?

Trillium Woods

Venturing deep in a forest in search for a carpet of blooming trilliums, braving the guardians of the flowers, the swarms of mosquitoes, all in the hopes of coming up with some stunning images, some of just the landscape, some with models. But would it be worth it?

Halona Cove Beach

This beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, has been featured as a romantic backdrop for several movies and music videos. With calm waters, a cave, a blowhole, and some sand to roll around in, it definitely has the “wow” factor that won’t make you regret adding a stop here to your itinerary.

“You Complete Me”

In landscape photography, there are many different ingredients to make the perfect photo—good lighting, a main subject, an intriguing background, and an interesting composition. When these core elements come together to complement each other, then the picture reaches a level of perfection.