To anyone who knows Cindy, she really needs no introduction. Not only is she a beautiful girl, but she’s also got a great personality and has a good head on her shoulders.

Jumping Dog

When at the beach, we decided to get some shots of him lunging through the air for his most prized possession, his ball.

Boston and the Bruins

My wife has always been a Boston Bruin fan so when they made it to the Stanley Cup finals, being the middle of June, we couldn’t stand idly by and watch from the comfort of our own igloo, it was already starting to melt. So we decided to make the trek down to the beautiful city of Boston.

Goose and Gosling

When a family with twelve new little ones approached us for a photo session, who are we to say no? Even if they are of the feathered variety, all are welcome at SVphotography. After a pre-shoot consultation (included for all photo sessions), we decided that photos would look better in a natural setting, so we opted for the meadow behind our home instead of indoors at our studio.

There’s a Snake in My Pool!

I usually open the lid on the skimmer basket rather slowly with cautious trepidation for fear of what I might discover. But I wasn’t prepared for what I found recently, as I headed out to the freshly opened pool to check the skimmer basket.

Miami Beach

I have never been to Miami Beach before, so on a recent trip to catch a Cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale, we decided to spend a couple of days at Miami Beach.