The Stationary Driftwood and the Sunrise

Out for a sunrise in Bath Ontario on a winter’s morn, I searched for an interesting subject to be the focal point of a landscape photo.  So when I saw a large piece of drift wood lying on a rocky beach on the shore of lake Ontario, I knew I had found what I was seeking.

I composed the shot so the drift wood was front an centre framed by the rocky beach with the rising sun and clouds directly behind.

Here I Lie

“Here I Lie”
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The greys and earth tones of the foreground are in contrast to the colours in the sky.

After I took the first shot and noticed the movement of the clouds, I decided to take another shot of the exact same scene but this time used the Lee Little Stopper to lengthen the exposure to 2 mintues 30 seconds.  I also post proecessed the image in black and white to give it an artistic feel.

Here I Lie LE BW

“Here I Lie LE BW”
Purchase a print of this image in the shop.

Similar to the first shot, contrasting elements of the picture can make it stronger. Where the previous image worked with colours, here movement (or lack thereof) are the opposing forces. In this image the stationary driftwood and rocks are in stark contrast to the streaking movement of the clouds in the sky.

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