Lady Girl in Red

When my favourite little model got a red dress from a jolly, old, portly fellow in a red suit, I decided this would be perfect for a photo shoot. The bright red dress would add a splash of colour to the otherwise dreary palate of the dead of a snow-less winter.

The McKnight Family Farm

Farmland has so much to offer. It is there that the food we eat is raised and grown. But I saw this farm as more than that, I saw it as a background painted with a glorious palette of varying shades green, red, and brown, mixed together so masterfully—I saw it as the perfect setting for a photo shoot.

My Little Supermodel

I do not condone the world of supermodels. It’s a fast, glamorous life, but it is not what I want for my daughter. However, when I am always with camera in hand, she can’t help but learn to work it for the camera and I can’t help but teach her how. Here are some highlights from the past year…the year of my little three year old supermodel.

The Girl With the White Dress

What better way to start the prequel to the trilogy at the very beginning, before Lisbeth Salander had a dragon tattoo, played with fire or kicked a hornet’s nest, when she was simply the girl with the white dress?

The Graduated Girl

One look at the pictures, and you can tell that this is one beautiful, confident girl. What you probably can’t tell is that she only just graduated from grade 8. Check out some of the pictures from the meadow, the railway tracks, and of course the portrait studio.

A Grad and his Guitar

We did some pictures in the studio with white back ground and we also did some low-light black background pictures that look great with the guitar. Then we even ventured outside for some portraits.
For over an hour, Laclin braved the thistles, weeds, mosquitoes, but most of all the camera and my incessant instructions. What a trooper!