Newborn Liam

Liam was a natural in the studio, he would stir occasionally when placed in a new position, but he settled quickly. Then again, I guess after spending the first two weeks of life in neonatal intensive care, an afternoon lounging on different furs and blankets all the while being prodded, poked, and posed is a walk in the park.

Newborn Chloe

New parents always go through such a range of emotions during those first few months—from intense excitement to total exhaustion and everything in between. But one look at your tender, delicate, newborn babe, be it awake or asleep, content or fussing, and you know, in that moment, that it’s all worthwhile.

Newborn Emilia

Taking pictures of a newborn baby always makes me both remember the delicateness and innocence of a newborn and recall the joy and excitement of the life changing event of being a parent for the first time. You never know what lies in store for sweet little Emilia, but one thing is for sure, she will be loved.

Newborn Ella

Gisella and Manny brought their beautiful, precious Ella to the SVphotography studio in Markham for some (almost) newborn pictures. Even though she was already a month old, Ella was still so tiny and delicate.

Newborn Cate

One of the most common questions when expecting a baby is, Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? That is quickly followed up by, Do you have a name picked out? This time, the proud parents-to-be-for-the-second-time answered, It’s a girl for the first question, but were a little more cryptic with the second question.