Ice Storm 2013-The Beauty Up Close

In the second of a three part pictorial on the ice storm of 2013 that hit Ontario, we take a close-up look at the beauty of the ice storm and the nearly 30mm of freezing rain that fell over the course of twenty four hours, coating everything with a thick layer of sparkling ice.

Normally this coat of ice lasts a morning before it melts. This time, thanks to dropping temperatures, the ice remained for five days, providing ample opportunity for photographing.

Most of these pictures were captured using a macro lens and a Really Right Stuff tripod.

plant hanger coated in ice

A plant hanger coated in ice

ice storm 2013 the red branches of a silver leaf dog wood coated in ice

The red branches of a silver leaf dog covered with ice

ontario ice storm 2013 branches of a crab apple tree coated in ice

Another branch coveredwith ice..the back lighting and the tree in the background really make the white of the ice pop

ice storm 2013 in Ontario crabapples covered in ice

Crab apples and the branch coated in ice

ontario ice storm 2013 branch and berry covered in ice

The ice piles high on the branches and berries

toronto ice storm 2013 close up of branch with ice

A close-up of a branch coated in ice

toronto ice storm 2013 fence coated in ice

A fence at a park, coated in ice, with a brilliant blue sky as a backdrop

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