Lady Girl in Red

When my favourite little model got a red dress from a jolly, old, portly fellow in a red suit, I decided this would be perfect for a photo shoot. The bright red dress would add a splash of colour to the otherwise dreary palate of the dead of a snow-less winter.

The Girl With the White Dress

What better way to start the prequel to the trilogy at the very beginning, before Lisbeth Salander had a dragon tattoo, played with fire or kicked a hornet’s nest, when she was simply the girl with the white dress?


“She had what other cops called a getaway face. So beautiful it would always be her shield. No matter what she did…her face would be her ticket. It would open doors in front of her, close them behind her. It would let her get away.”
~excerpt from The Last Coyote, by Michael Connelly


To anyone who knows Cindy, she really needs no introduction. Not only is she a beautiful girl, but she’s also got a great personality and has a good head on her shoulders.